Clothing Swaps

Clothing swaps are great for sharing resources and connecting with your community in a positive way.  You are invited to our upcoming clothing swap events – please save the date to join us.

The next Clothing Swap, by will be:

Sun, Sept 24, 2017 | 1-3 pm| @ The Wise Hall (1882 Adanac) | $10 Cash Only
For more info and to RSVP, click here.


Sun, May 27, 2018 | 1-3 pm| @ The Wise Hall (1882 Adanac) | $10 Cash Only
For more info and to RSVP, click here.


Clothing Swap
The familiar Wise Hall clothing swap that you have come to love.  Why not unload clothing that no longer inspires you?  Maybe pick up a few items that make you look slick.  All leftovers are donated to charity.   Together we can be sustainable in keeping stuff out of landfills while connecting with community.


12:30 – 1pm | Clothing Contribution Drop Off & Cash Payment

1 – 3pm | Clothing Swap Event

Clothing swap events provide great opportunity to make space and clear out your wardrobe. Bring a bag of quality gently worn clothing, jewelry, and/or fashion accessories. All ages, sizes, types of clothing will be accepted, however items must be clean, in good condition and quality, and likely to be valued by others to share with your community.  Accepted items include:
* Women’s, men’s, and/or children’s clothing
* Shoes
* Accessories
* Jewelry
* Craft Supplies
* Linens
* Books
* Small Housewares (no furniture please)

wiseswapKnow someone that might be interested in this event? Why not invite them too?
The more, the merrier, and the greater selection to choose from!

“Great energy and great people. Wins all around: new wardrobes for everyone, meeting cool people in the community, and donating to a good cause!” ~ past participant


To RSVP, for volunteering, sponsorship, or an possible event collaboration,
please email:

A limited number of volunteer shifts are NOW AVAILABLE! Pick your shifts before they are all gone. Quote from a previous volunteer : “Had a blast… Volunteering Rocks.”

6-18015_CommunitySwap__5006 6-18015_CommunitySwap__5030
Participating in Clothing Swaps is the ultimate affordable eco-friendly way to shop without the shopping mall.

Quotes from past participants that have attended our clothing swaps:

“Thanks for doing a lot of the hard work behind the scenes to make this happen…It was really fun and I’m happy there were larger sizes to pick from. I’ll be going through my clothes more regularly now and wearing them more often as I am downsizing the items I have and being more selective in what I bring home to wear.

“Thank you for organizing! This is the first time I have been and I brought a bunch of bags of clothes and left with some awesome finds! A BCBG dress! It was a blast pickin with so many east van ladies :)” 

“I want to thank the swap for the nice jacket and jeans I got. Really appreciate it ” 

“So enormously excited about this event! Already got two huge bags full of clothing to contribute. Clothing swaps are my jam.” 

“Thanks for such a great event! … Great event! I heard the same thing come up – which was that folks were so happy to give their stuff to people they can see and who will enjoy it and know it will be loved. I couldn’t agree more – keep it in the family so to speak, the city family of people we can see and enjoy them enjoying our stuff! It lives on. Looking forward to the next one!” Jocelynn R.

“THANK YOU everyone for coming out! It was such a fun day. Great energy and great people. Wins all around: new spring wardrobes for everyone, meeting cool people in the community, and donating to a good cause (posAbilities). Cheers :)!”

“Thanks to the organizers and all contributors. That was great!!” 

6-18015_CommunitySwap__5000 6-18015_CommunitySwap__4974

“Swapping is AMAZING for two reasons: using your things as currency is a way to recycle un-wanted items back into the world while getting items in return that you are in need of without spending any money. And more importantly, it builds community.” Here is a link to another article for extra motivation in a closet cleanse and reason to join us at our next clothing swap:

Upcoming Clothing Swaps Provide an Eco Affordable Option for Vancouver Residents

Urban living can be expensive, especially for families living in Vancouver, one of the world’s most expensive cities.  Finding cost effective strategies can come out of necessity.  To lessen one’s environmental impact can be an important personal choice.   Community resource sharing, such as lending libraries, flea markets, thrift stores, and now clothing swaps, are only growing in popularity.  Clothing swaps empower individuals by providing an affordable option for residents to clothe their families, fashionistas to update their wardrobes, and community members to have a social space to reconnect while they “shop”.

Since 2012 has been facilitating resource sharing for a positive impact in communities by hosting a series of eco-friendly events including: clothing swaps, upcycling workshops, and community potlucks.   Two recent clothing swap events hosted by have benefited over 200 participants and thousands of items of unclaimed clothing were donated to a local non-profit charity.

If you would like more info or to get involved, please email:




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  1. Stephanie Heney says:

    Do I need to register for these swaps? I don’t have Facebook


  2. Stephanie Heney says:

    It doesn’t say what the times are


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