Art Nights

Creative Expressions Art Nights


Sharing an interest in creativity, we meet as a community to create together.

You are invited to bring your own project to work on or try a free mini-tutorial to get your creativity flowing!

All abilities welcome.

Quotes from past participants:

• “Feeling of connection motivates me to get out and be creative, lifts my mood.”
“Helped me spend my evening in a healthy productive way.”
•“Interaction, going to a new place, creativity, fun, looked forward to it.”
• “Gave me an idea for a piece that will be in the Openheimer Park Art Show this year.”
• “Opportunity to display/vend art … was the first time to show my work and get feedback form the general public – learned what to add next time.”

• “Inspired by materials to freely express myself through art…to let myself just be in the art space and see what ideas percolate from one idea and letting that idea build upon another idea to an endless creation of art that I didn’t know was inside of me.”•
• “Re inspired me to do creative stuff… Gave me a chance to meet other … Gave me a welcoming place to be and hang out in a supportive fun atmosphere.”


Many creative people have multiple art projects they are working on, but they have not had the time or energy to complete their creative process. Perhaps they have an artist’s block, or there are recent life changes that keep getting in the way of their productivity. Maybe a creative hobby that was once loved was abruptly put on hold.

Creative Expressions Art Nights (Art Nights) provides group participants an opportunity to learn in a social workspace. Participants share an interest in creativity, and together we craft as a community. Those that attend the drop in event are encouraged to either complete their existing art projects or learn a new craft. No cost events are available to provide participants with a safe space to be creative.

Advance registration to attend each two-hour drop in event is required.   All art supplies and instruction needed is provided.  Participants are encouraged to complete at least one simple, yet creative craft from start to finish.  For example, creating paper coil bowls can be made in half an hour, and require magazines and tape as the only supplies. Other crafts tutorials provided have included: art cards, marbled paper, fleece blankets, etc.

Sometimes guest presenters have also provided tutorials at past events.  Other opportunities are available for current participants that have a skillset to be mentored to guest present to the group on topics in their expertise or vend their personal artwork at local artisan related vending opportunities.

Promoting opportunities for personal, professional involvement and further community integration and a social element to meet new people with similar interests. Art Nights is a beneficial community-building project that encourages:

IMG_2514✓ Creativity, learning, and social interaction
✓ Promoting and encouraging skill building
✓ Provides opportunities for personal, professional and community involvement
✓ Skill building learning opportunity
✓ Building self-esteem and confidence to finish what was started

Art Nights: Sharing an interest in creativity, together we craft as a community.

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