Welcome Urban Adventurists! Do you want to reduce your use of the Earth’s natural resources?  Would you like to join a community of like-minded people striving to do something positive for the environment? Let’s come together and explore  some sustainable options for a cleaner environment.  As a community member with shared lifestyle goals, we can participate in small events like potlucks and crafting clubs, or venture out to larger scale activities such as festivals relating to education, health care, business, recreation, and celebration.

When communities of like minded people gather together, they become the source of inspiration that fuels creativity, imagination, and action.  Building a community is as simple as attending and connecting at local events.  Let’s make a difference in our community and participate in one of our local activities that promotes sustainability and  unity. Together we can increase community spirit and make our neighbourhood and our environment a better place to share.

Vancouver offers some of the best of everything!  Best Events In Vancouver offers the most up to date information you need in order to attend some of the latest and greatest, low to no cost community events, many of which focus on reducing our environmental impact.  I’m sure your involvement in our sustainable lifestyle events will make a difference in your life and your community.

Welcome to the Best Events In Vancouver!

An invitation to build community by participating in affordable local events.


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