Attention Urban Adventurists:

Are you constantly striving to increase your positive impact on your community and beyond? Community building can happen through smaller events like potlucks and crafting clubs, to larger scale efforts such as festivals relating to education, health care, business, recreation, and spiritual celebration.

When communities of likeminded people gather together, they become the source of inspiration that fuels creativity, imagination and action. Building a community can be as simple as attending and connecting at local events. Participating in local events creates unity, increases community spirit and makes our nieghbourhood a better place in so many ways.

Vancouver has some of the best of everything, including community events. BestEventsInVancouver.com and @BestEventsInVancouver (est.2012) on FaceBook offers the most up to date info you need to attend of some of the latest and greatest affordable events Vancouver has to offer.  Offering event listings and opportunities in the Vancouver area to encourage participation in local, and sustainable community building events to create worthwhile change. Events featured include festivals, potlucks, clothing swaps, flash mobs, and more, as well as relevant links to information about making a positive impact.


Upcoming Clothing Swaps to Provide Eco Affordable Options to Clothe Vancouver Residents while Benefiting Local Charity

Urban living can be expensive, especially for families living in Vancouver, one of the world’s most expensive cities. Finding cost effective strategies can come out of necessity. To lessen one’s environmental impact can be an important personal choice. Clothing swaps empower individuals by providing an affordable option for residents to clothe their families, fashionistas to update their wardrobes, and community members to have a social space to reconnect while they “shop”.

Community resource sharing, such as lending libraries, flea markets, thrift stores, and now clothing swaps, are only growing in popularity. Since 2012 BestEventsInVancouver.com has been facilitating resource sharing for a positive impact in communities by hosting a series of eco-friendly events including: clothing swaps, upcycling workshops, and community potlucks. Two recent clothing swap events hosted by BestEventsInVancouver.com have benefited over 200 participants and thousands of items of unclaimed clothing were donated to a local non-profit charity.

BestEventsInVancouver.com is hosting two upcoming clothing swaps at the Wise Hall for July and September 2016. For more information: https://besteventsinvancouver.com/clothing-swaps/