Clothing Swap, by

You are invited to trade in clothing that no longer inspires you, in return for new to you items to revamp your eco-conscious wardrobe.  A sustainable way to encourage an exchange of treasures while connecting with community.

Clothing Swap, by

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019
Tuesday, April 9th, 2019
Tuesday, April 30th, 2019
Tuesday, May 14, 2019
Tuesday, May 28, 2019

| 5 – 7 pm | Lupii Cafe, Vancouver BC |
$10 cash only to participate


Clothing swap events provide great opportunity to make space and clear out your closets.  Please bring your quality, gently worn items to give away, and find what you didn’t know you were looking for!

All ages, eras, sizes, and types of items will be accepted, and must be clean, in good condition, and likely to be valued by others. Accepted items include:
* Women’s, men’s, and/or children’s clothing
* Costumes
* Shoes
* Accessories
* Jewelry
* Craft Supplies
* Linens
* Kid’s Toys
* Adult and Children’s Books
* Small Housewares (no furniture please)

Let’s make this swap awesome!
We have a few simple guidelines to keep the event running smoothly:
☆Attendees are invited to bring at least five good quality items.
☆Your contributions will then be sorted and added to everyone’s contributions for an opportunity to select of new to you items.
☆When you arrive, welcome! Event admission must be paid prior to swapping. Please drop off your clothing contributions, and then you are welcome to drop in anytime between 5-7pm to get your swap on.
☆This is an all ages event. Volunteers and kids under 12 get into the event at no charge.
☆Interested volunteers must arrange their opportunities prior to the event.
☆Bring your own reusable bag to take your new items home.
☆Leave your own personal items (water bottles, purses, jackets) close and safe where they will not be mistaken for swappable items.
☆Mingle with friends, and connect with other clothing swap participants, while checking out all the selection of items to be swapped. You are welcome to help yourself to a selection of what you like best.
☆Afterwards you are welcome to bring your items home to wash in warm and dry, then enjoy!
☆Please help spread the word, the more the merrier, with more selection to choose from.

Clothing swaps contribute to sharing resources in an enviro-friendly way.  Let’s work together to create yet another great community building event. Good vibes only please!

The Venue: Please note the venue for this event is Lupii Cafe located at 7743 Champlain Crescent in Vancouver, BC. The venue is accessible by transit, and street parking is also available. Google map:

“I heard the same thing come up – which was that folks were so happy to give their stuff to people they can see and who will enjoy it and know it will be loved. I couldn’t agree more – keep it in the family so to speak, the city family of people we can see and enjoy them enjoying our stuff! It lives on. Looking forward to the next one!” ~ past participant

“I’ll be going through my clothes more regularly now and wearing them more often as I am downsizing the items I have and being more selective in what I bring home to wear.” ~ past participant

“Great energy and great people. Wins all around: new wardrobes for everyone, meeting cool people in the community, and donating to a good cause!” ~ past participant

“Great energy and great people. Wins all around: new wardrobes for everyone, meeting cool people in the community, and donating to a good cause!” ~ past participant

To RSVP, for sponsorship, or a possible event collaboration,
please email:

On Facebook:



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