Ten Great Ways to Be Entertained in January 2015

From hip hop striptease,

to the flash mob style no pants skytrain ride,

to the less risqué gluten free fest fest,

January has a few unique options to choose from. Here is a great event listing to learn more: http://www.boredinvancouver.com/top-things-to-do-in-vancouver-january-2015/#more-7200

#KeepingEntertainedForWinter #DivingInTo2015

About www.BestEventsInVancouver.com

Vancouver has some of the best of everything, including community events. BestEventsInVancouver.com and @BestEventsInVancouver (est.2012) on FaceBook offers the most up to date info you need to attend of some of the latest and greatest affordable events Vancouver has to offer. Offering event listings and opportunities in the Vancouver area to encourage participation in local, and sustainable community building events to create worthwhile change. Events featured include festivals, potlucks, clothing swaps, flash mobs and more, as well as relevant links to information about making a positive impact.
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